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RTelling about La Casa Antica is like telling an alchemical crucifix that combines love, passion, research, challenge, and knowledge. The Casa Antica was born 35 years ago at Macomer in a historic building of the end of the 19th century. It is in this fairy-tale space and the scent of spices that our dream becomes reality.

These were the days when companies were born today in the field of herbal medicine, national and international, and with some of them we continue to cooperate today, developing study days, experimenting and building day by day the history of herbalist.

We are Carlo and Giuseppina, love for plants and care has made us meet, become companions in the work before and comrades in life then. It was the end of the nineties when, with our two children, we decided to move to the beautiful Alghero, an international place where we could cultivate our professional and personal growth.

It is in an ancient building in the old town of Alghero, which today kinesiology, naturopathy, Bach flowers, spaghetti, Chinese natural medicine and more are enriching the warmth and availability that are and remain the absolute values of La Casa Antica together Empathy and Attention to every person.

With passion, dedication, attention and much love we approach each day to this delicate job and people who for years choose to give us confidence and share stories, fragility, but also joys, hopes and many satisfactions.

The happiness and recognition of people for small or big changes we witnessed and accomplices nourishes and repays enormously, stimulating us in a constant study and research.

In our library hundreds of texts, from 1300 to today, tell the multidisciplinary research that nourishes and distinguishes our history.

Vi aspettiamo in Via Gilbert Ferret, 51! (Directions)

Curiosity …

The herbalist La Casa Antica has had the pleasure of appearing in the movie “Chi salverà le rose”, by the director Cesare Furesi, who set his own film in Alghero.

In March 2017, following the premiere in Rome, the film was also brought to Alghero and to do the honors was the actress Caterina Murino.

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